How to replace anything with Replace.Pics easily?

The Simplest Usage: Accomplish in Just 5 Clicks offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows users to alter images effortlessly. The following steps outline the easy process:

  1. Click to Upload Image

    Highlight the simplicity of uploading an image to start the editing process.

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  3. Click on the Part of the Image You Wish to Keep:

    Describe the interactive feature where users can select parts of the image they want to keep or modify.

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  5. Click to Enter Your Text Prompt:

    Explain how users can input text prompts to guide the AI in making specific changes.

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  7. Click the “Run” Button:

    Detail the process of initiating the AI to start the replacement or editing process.

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  9. See the Output on the Right Side, Click to Choose the Image You Like:

    Discuss how the platform presents a variety of edited images for users to choose from, ensuring satisfaction with the final outcome.